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Here you will find answers to the most asked questions. If you still have uncertainties, please send an email.

Why do I benefit from joining this TOP 100 site?

Joining the TOP 100 is a way to stimulate the number of visitors to your website.
The more visitors you attract to your website the better.

Why do I have to put the TOP100 "Vote for me" banner on my site?

You don't have to, but by putting the TOP100 banner on your site you invite visitors to vote for you. The more votes (clicks) you collect the higher your ranking in the TOP100 list. The higher your ranking the more attention your site gets! If you do not put the TOP 100 banner your site will end up at the bottom of the list.

How can I put this TOP 100 banner on my site?

In order to put your banner on your site you have to put some html code on your pages. In order to get the correct code you click on MEMBER LOGIN. You login by entering your username and password that you specified when you signed on and select DISPLAY LINK SYNTAX. Then click on LOGIN. Then your personal html code will be displayed. You can copy and paste this code to your website pages. You are free to use our banner or your own.

In the TOP100 list you see a column IN and a column OUT. What do they indicate?

The column IN displays the number of times visitors of your site clicked on your TOP100 banner. The column OUT indicates how many times visitors of clicked on your site. The ranking is according to the IN column.

Where do I have to place the TOP100 banner?

You can put the TOP100 banner where ever you want and on as many pages as you want. Clicking on the natutop banner must result in a visit to It is not allowed to use statements like onunload=" and is concidered to be cheating.

When people visit my site and click on the TOP100 banner they leave my site. That is not in my interest. Does that make sense?

Well in a way you are right. You lead visitors away from your site. That's why it is important to place the TOP100 banner on strategic places on your website, after people have gone through a couple of pages of your site. In practice you attract more visitors by joining the natutop 100 then that you lose visitors. Check the IN and OUT columns and you will see that sites received much more visitors then they lost.


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